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Shipping Times

Shipping Times

Get What You Need on Time

We know how important it is to be able to count on having your sales brochures, forms and products in hand to have a successful Responsible Fundraiser.

Our goal is to ship all completed orders for products and materials in THREE BUSINESS DAYS. The actual delivery time will depend on the distance from our Denver, CO, facilities.

Orders are completed when:

  • Full payment has been received
  • Products are available
  • Necessary information is included on the order form

The Responsible Fundraising Customer Service Team reviews every order and will contact you for any additional information needed to complete your order and get it shipped.

Responsible Fundraising uses UPS for nearly all shipments. You can estimate your delivery date based on the UPS service map below:

We will continue to strive to get what you and your groups need as quickly as possible. This schedule should allow you to plan and help everyone have a successful, worry-free fundraiser!

Questions? Contact our friendly Customer Service Department at (855) 700-4911

Order Procedures

(Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of products):

Step 1Place order with Responsible Fundraising (Fax: (888) 277-5582, email responsiblefundraising@gmail.com, or call (855)-700-4911)
Step 2- Pay for order one of two ways: 1. Check or 2. Credit Card
Step 3- Once payment has been received, Responsible Fundraising will process your order. 
Step 4- Please allow 3 days to process and 7 days to ship UPS ground.

Fundraising Options

Buy Now. Pay Later. Promotion(Click Here)
This option allows you to get started at no upfront cost. 
You have up to 25 days to pay for the product.
Credit card information and cardholders signature is required. 
Your credit card is not billed unless products have not been paid for within the 25 days.
*Unfortunately we cannot accept returned products*

Catalog Orders(Click Here)
Here you can order a variety of products directly from our brochure. This option allows you to mix and match product inventory. 
To order from the brochure simply download the brochure and both Form A and Form D.
Form A is used for taking orders from customers.  It should be submitted with payment to the fundraising coordinator.
Form D is then used to place the order with Responsible Fundraising. 
The benefit of Brochure Orders are higher profit items are available:
  • Zippered Soft Side which sells for $25.00 
  • All-Purpose Hard Kit that sell for $25.00
You can also mix and match the mini-packs. 

*Unfortunately we cannot accept returned products*

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