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Fundraiser Products
Online Order Procedures 
Fundraising Order Procedures:
(Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of products):

Step 1Place order with Responsible Fundraising 
Step 2- Pay for order by Credit Card
Step 3- Once payment has been received, Responsible Fundraising will process your order. 
Step 4- Please allow 3 days to process and 7 days to ship UPS ground.



Auto Mini-PackAuto Mini-Pack
Sport Mini-PackSport Mini-Pack
Outdoor Mini-PackOutdoor Mini-Pack
Home Mini-PackHome Mini-Pack
All Purpose Hard KitAll Purpose Hard Kit
Zippered Soft SideZippered Soft Side
FRX3 Weather Alert RadioFRX3 Weather Alert Radio
112-Piece Medium Food Service Cabinet112-Piece Medium Food Service Cabinet
112-Piece Medium General Business Cabinet112-Piece Medium General Business Cabinet
"Fire Dog" Fire Extinguisher - Case"Fire Dog" Fire Extinguisher - Case
Emergency Auto Kit *6kits/case. Price of 1 case*Emergency Auto Kit *6kits/case. Price of 1 case*
5 Mini-Pack Sling Bag (Case)5 Mini-Pack Sling Bag (Case)
10 Mini-Pack Sling Bag (Case)10 Mini-Pack Sling Bag (Case)
Mini-Pack/ Zippered Soft Side Combo Sling Bag (Case)Mini-Pack/ Zippered Soft Side Combo Sling Bag (Case)
5 Zippered Soft Side Sling Bag (Case)5 Zippered Soft Side Sling Bag (Case)

Yes! Our products do have an expiration date.
The expiration of our products is 12-18 months. The products are built once you order them. We recommend you purchase the products when you are ready to sell them. 

Free Shipping* With orders of $500 or more
*Free Shipping in Continental US. Shipping charges apply to US Territories.
Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery to US Territories. Delivery not available to the Bahamas.

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