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Responsible Fundraising

Wellness Products that Drive Fundraising Revenue.

Centers is committed to offering a responsible and transparent fundraising program that both raises funds for nonprofits, schools and communities. As such, we are well versed on cause marketing laws and lingo, including:
  • unrelated business income tax or UBIT;
  • commercial co-venture (CCV) registrations;
  • disclosure statements; and
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Standards
We ensure our POP/POS materials all have knockout space for custom disclosure language, and Centers encourages each of its customers to comply with both BBB Wise Giving Standards and commercial co-venture registration requirements.
Wellness Options vs. Junk Food
First aid kits offer a healthier, more responsible product around which to fundraise compared to the typical candy, cookies, popcorn or coupons product sales. Engage in strengthening the health, safety, and preparedness of kids, families and communities. 

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