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About the Centers for Health & Public Safety

About Us

Founding Principles 

The Centers for Health and Public Safety is a social enterprise founded by George Wheeler to serve as a mechanism for schools, universities, non profits, families, and communities to be:
  1. Healthy, safe and prepared for medical situations that may arise, and
  2. Appropriately funded to achieve their health and wellness missions. 

George Founded the Centers in honor of his son Rashidi Wheeler, who died August 3, 2001, following a conditioning workout with the Northwestern University football team. His highly publicized death was far more than a personal tragedy for Rashidi and his family. It was a watershed event in sports safety because it was a tragedy that didn't need to happen. 

As a result, Centers provides advocacy and educational information on sports safety, and created a turnkey, comprehensive cause-marketing, fundraising program that puts first aid kits into the hands of families and consumers and defibrillators (AEDs) into schools and facilities while generating needed funds and awareness for charity partners.

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